“Rise completely gutted an apartment in a high rise, so it presented unique challenges. She came up with a scheme that worked perfectly. She solved our space problems magnificently, and the whole place is so functional and wonderful that everyone I bring into my place raves about what's been done with it. The feel of the place is phenomenal. Rise's creativity is exceptional and the great thing about her is that she really works with the clients and the contractors in a way that's collaborative. I can't say enough good about her. Everything she did really worked. She has a lot to be proud of here. She did a really excellent job. Bravo!”

Peter, Menlo Park CA

“I have worked with Rise for over five years on many projects, both remodels and new homes. I have found her to be very creative and a team player. She and her very qualified staff, including her assistant Nicole Chacon work with the homeowner to arrive at a design solution that is attractive and reasonably priced. I especially appreciate that her design work coordinates with my exterior design, the entire project is unifing. She does not design in a specific style, rather she works with the homeowner to find their own unique style. I would recommend her very highly for any project.”

John, Architect, San Carlos CA

“Rise worked side-by-side with me over three years as I remodeled our 1960's era ranch house. We reworked the original ‘Regency French’ styling into what I call ‘Napa French’ casual elegance. Rise was involved in our kitchen design as well as redesign of five bathrooms and creation of a guest house. She also helped with creation of a decorating scheme that incorporated favorite furnishings that we brought from other homes, and other countries, into a cohesive look that is our own and very livable.”