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Exploratorium Lounge at Pier 15!

March, 2013

A place to explore and tinker, the Exploratorium has moved from the beautiful Palace of Fine arts, to further expand its’ audience, and relocated to  historic  Pier 15th.  On Friday, April 13th, the Exploratorium is having a kick-off party.  Attendees include those who have made generous contributions to the cause.  RKI is pleased to be creating a lounge for the party.  Our theme,  Modern Interaction, captures the heart of the Exploratorium in a modern setting.  Our lounge is  a self-aware, moving, playful environment to explore and tinker. With the much appreciated and talented help of Dr. Mark Horowitz ( ) and Steven Ball, a talented Stanford grad student, our lounge is   an abstract, artistic physics simulation, such as falling objects, swirling fluid, or simulated smoke.  Walking or waving hands in front of the display perturbs the simulation, as if the participant was moving, for example, the falling objects.  Furniture, donated by  B&B Italia  in San Francisco, is sleek, modern and colorful.

RKI to Participate in 2013 Woodside Decorator Show House

March, 2013

We are pleased to announce that RKI will be participating in the 2013 Woodside Decorator Show House benefiting Peninsula Volunteers, Inc.  PVI has been supporting the welfare of seniors in our community for the past 65 years.  The showcase will run from May 4th-24th, Tuesday-Sunday 10am to 4pm.  Please visit the upstairs Gallery to view our space, a showcase of artfully arranged objects and artworks.  For tickets, visit:

RKI Interior Design: 2013 Woodside Decorator Show House